Time For Machine

Starbreeze Explorer - Space Shuttle 3D Model

£54.99 £99.95
  • Metal mechanical model;
  • DIY self-assembly kit:
    • Pliers;
    • File;
    • Gloves;
    • Cloth for polishing.
  • Wind-up mechanism;
  • On/off lever

Inspired by the Space Shuttle era. Space Shuttle is a space program in which shuttles have made more than a hundred trips into space and made many breakthroughs in the
exploration of space.
The model consists of several parts. The spacecraft has swinging flaps in the cargo bay and it docks to the accelerator unit. The accelerator unit has a winding mechanism and is wound up with a special key. Once the model is mounted on the stand, you can press the trigger lever and observe the slow spinning of the spacecraft. The shuttle makes several spins around its axis.
The space theme is perfectly matched with the shine of metal. This is a unique mechanical model from Time for Machine, which has no analogues in its design.


- Package size: 357 x 178 x 35 mm
- Model size: 253 x 118 x 212 mm
- Set: 3 plates with parts, 11 additional gears, spring, pliers, file, gloves,
cloth for polishing and instruction.
- Material: stainless steel.
- Number of pieces: 155 pieces.
- Recommended age: 14+
- User-friendly visual manual in 12 languages: English, Ukrainian, German,
French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese,

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